john doerr

john doerr 5 bw

this is enough..

found him because (of course) we’re researching open source et al.. had taken a coursera course.. had just received a follow up email.. so started swimming in coursera.

spent maybe 3 hours… rabbit holing through many things.. culminating with the short video above.

that’s truly all we need.

people waking up..

to the love they have. for their kids.


just in case you haven’t heard of John… like i hadn’t

full ted here (2007)

we can’t afford to underestimate the magnitude of this problem

1. companies are really powerful

2. individuals matter enormously

3. policy really matters – paramount

4. potential of radical innovation

what will be enough?

perhaps 7 billion entrepreneurs/artists/researchers/scientists/et al…

alan kay – best way to predict the future – invent it

john – best way to predict the future – fund it

criminal that we’re not investing more in energy research

and we need the political will to do this all around the world

energy – 6 trillion dollar business worldwide

perhaps best research is setting 7 bill people free in spaces of permission with nothing to prove, to find their art..



picture above is from ted – just as he’s saying –

i really really hope that we multiply all of our energy, all of our talents, all of our solve this problem..

because if we do..