jim folkestad – ypar

jim b&w

Jim is an Associate Professor at Colorado State University
Ph.D. Education, Texas A&M University

We met up a while back and started playing with some intriguing questions. [a look into our very beginnings here]

Here we are in one of our first formal/informal sessions.. we were asking each other what we wanted more as parents than as educators..

Here he is describing to parents some of the activity systems mapping they were using at CSU, and that we were imagining as perhaps a better means to monitor growth, if need be, or perhaps even just to get better at connections.

Jim crafted our first detox video as seen on the site.

Here’s a string of videos .. too much to add – like 3-4 years worth. will try to add more soon.

lots of documentation – like this

Here’s Jackie referring to his ypar talk:

Of special interest to me was the part presented by James Folksmead on Youth Participatory Action Research #YPAR. His Prezi can be viewed at http://prezi.com/kx2njm16ouqy/par/

But perhaps most important.. Jim realized once we had notice, dream, connect, do, selected as our detox verbiage, that something was missing.

Enter… be.


in 2010 – Jim got us a private session with James Paul Gee.