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The Embassy San Francisco is a large victorian house converted into a co-living situation with over a dozen permanent residents and a small number of temporary visitors. The house was created with the intent on building a place for “intention and purpose”. Filled with artists, scientists, people from the local tech scene and many types in-between, their mission statement says that they “value curiosity, analysis, questioning and engagement.” Every Sunday the house hosts a community dinner and most Thursdays they host a different salon series

Jessy Kate Schingler left her job at NASA, moved to San Francisco, and helped turn a 7,500-square-foot, eight-bedroom mansion near Alamo Square into a creatives’ residence called the Embassy.

Jessy is co-founder of sf embassy network.. and then the embassy network, and co-founder of opendoor (with Jay Standish).

from her twitter bio:

designing human settlements on a planet called Earth. (urban + software) development.


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