jascha rohr

jascha rohr


intro’d here via michel fb share (though have been following Jascha for some time):

the global resonance project

adding page this day.. michel fb share mar 2020:

fyi, I joined the advizory board of the Co-Creation Foundation, upon the invitation of Jascha Rohr: https://cocreation-foundation.org/about-us/

cocreation foundation


27.05.Hanzi Freinacht and the Metamodern View on Global Governance

Youtube Premiere and Online-Discussion: Future Cooking with Daniel Görtz (Co-Founder of Metamoderna)

Trailer: https://t.co/lIcWfn0mQx

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/mbauwens/status/1262699793983451136

1 min video where daniel is talking with jascha (also putting on hanzi‘s page)

we have to create a society which has the generative conditions for the best possible developmental properties of human beings as we are socialized and as we grow up.. as we gain a sense of self and create our values/ideologies.. and that becomes the metamodern political project.. t

ie: cure ios city

we have to actually go out and have visions and do something



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Institute for Participatory Design (CEO), Founder of the Cocreation Foundation (under construction); collective intelligence, collaboration, cocreation

Germany  ·  partizipativ-gestalten.de

medium: https://medium.com/@jascharohr

Jascha is initiator of the Cocreation Foundation, co-founder of the Institute for Participatory Design and founder of the german Permaculture Academy.