irl ness

[shoot. can’t remember where this came from – will try to update when/if i do remember.]

someone said/noted..

how adults use irl (in real life) when youth use – away from keyboard… because to them it’s all real life..

huge perception. born into a more ubiquitous lifestyle helps them to not separate/compartmentalize bits of life. see it too in our perception of how they are using tech (it’s complicated ness), it’s more like they are more together/connected – where they used to fill alone together..

if we listen to what people are already doing/being.. and see that their phones matter a great deal.. maybe we learn that connection does trump knowledge/education/school/lecture… because connection (2 needs) are the common commons of real ubiquitous living/life/being..

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eu\daimon\ia ness

a qr film – perhaps as a means to ground the (vital) chaos