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by Nikhil:


LeBron’s radically different vision for public education is what we need

Rooted in a “trauma-informed” approach, I Promise students are privy to social-emotional learning and a hands-on Stem-based curriculum as well as an assemble of wraparound services: free breakfast and lunch, a Chromebook, bicycle, and an extended school day and year. Upon graduation from high school, their college tuition to the University of Akron is waived. Their parents also have access to a food pantry, GED program and job placement services.

i promise school:


The LeBron James Family Foundation has been involved in helping Akron and its surrounding areas for years. In 2015 he announced an initiative that would pay for more than 1,000 kids to attend college.

LeBron has also funded the “Wheels for Education” program, which started in 2011 and provides kids with school supplies, access to computers, and a bicycle inside a system designed to keep kids motivated to complete their homework and get good grades.