guiding philosophy

guiding philosophy - doug


let’s do that.

carry on..

..with that.


on reading valley – (5 yrs after adding this page and a month or so after reading augmenting human intellect) – adding to #3 – perhaps less about augmenting intellect and more about augmenting the interconnectedness of us.. via cure ios city.. thinking the ai humanity needs..

augmenting interconnectedness

mufleh humanity law



perhaps via

hosting life bits..

self talk as data.. for (blank)’s sake

io dance/hosting life bits (blockchain/stack ness: replace server farms – chip energy efficient –dna\ness)
ps in the open (idiosyncratic jargon)
decision making/B redefined via self-talk as data
rna ness – entropy ness
on leap frogging – for (blank)’s sake
gupta roadblock law
3 ship  [a kids’ bookan app/chipan experiment]
short  [deep problem,simple mechanism,opensystem]
short bp


calm tech