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Deborah …began her career life in criminal justice field as a juvenile probation officer with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department. Understanding the challenges and limitations of the justice system, she moved into the educational system hoping to give a stronger voice to children and families. She trained with Dr. Caspari in Montessori’s work in the development of children and peace education. She also trained with Dr. Glenn Doman in brain development at the Philadelphia Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential.

[via her bio on Naropa site below]

deborah young, naropa site

Deborah is one of idec 2013’s coffee talkers:

idec 2013 coffee talkers

from her bio on idec’s site – love this – when asked what she wants to learn at idec:

Historically the word democracy has not been universally beneficial (For example in the name of democracy many indigenous peoples and their wisdom have perished) … how can we ensure that democratic education keeps in mind “do they even want fish?” in and outside our classrooms.