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intro’d to César via city science (mit).


Meritocracy and Topocracy of Networks

Published on Jan 5, 2014

Source – http://serious-science.org/videos/56
Professor of Media Arts and Sciences Cesar Hidalgo on meritocratic system, rock star behavior, market mechanisms, and new media.



Published on Jul 3, 2013

Immersion is a project created at the Macro Connections group at the MIT Media Lab by Deepak Jagdish, Daniel Smilkov and Cesar Hidalgo. It provides users with a visual representation of their inbox, helping explain the power of meta data, but also, helping them reflect about who they connect to and why.

tool for reflection..? – c app ness


new forms of online political participation – wef panel

Published on Apr 27, 2012

In this video, Professor Cesar A. Hidalgo of the MIT Media Lab, talks about his views regarding the future of online forms of political participation. He outlines the need to push three agendas (i) a research agenda, geared towards understanding the issues and ranges of relevant participation (ii) a design agenda, looking at the creation of engaging tools, and (iii) a political agenda, that gets the buy in from the current political establishment. He concludes by discussing the promises and limitations of direct forms of online political participation.

1 bit democracy

1. research – what should be delegated and what shouldn’t

2. design – looks, and how to get people in the conversation – online identity

3. political – transparency

4. media – currency of the web – traffic

people own the decisions they make, not the decisions made by the people they choose..


Uploaded on Dec 15, 2011

Economic Complexity and The Wealth of Nations

15:39 – this is not even wrong..

beyond earth water wind fire – networks…

32 min – in future – listed: statistical change in ranking that doesn’t make any difference


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city science (mit) – like personal fabricating your city.. no?


living spaces


city ness


sept 2015 – podcast – why info grows


the word info… means many things… grows.. physical order

6 min – for information to grow need system to computer.. take old and combine with new

7 min – networks of networks of people… firm

8 min – i’m an anti disciplinarian but also very emperical…. on evaluating economy as a computer

not comfortable w/labels.. i try to find problems… and try to borrow info from whatever discipline is available…


9 min – when you think of economies as computers on social networks.. any policy that goes against inclusion of people or notes some form of discrimination.. hurts computers…  if you want economy healthy.. need inclusion.. flow of people together.. to do what people do best.. make info grow…


Thanh-Vy Hua (@thanhvy) tweeted at 1:49 AM – 30 Nov 2019 :
Why Information Grows by @cesifoti is a fascinating book!
I gotta know it while exploring the meaning of technology in modern life. Gotta re-read it several times.
https://t.co/O9nHR9EAM6 (http://twitter.com/thanhvy/status/1200698233254662144?s=17)

was going to check it out.. but read library description:

“Why do some nations prosper while others do not? Economists usually turn to measures such as gross domestic product or per capita income to answer this question, but interdisciplinary theorist Cesar Hidalgo argues that *we can learn more by measuring a country’s ability to make complex products. In Why Information Grows, Hidalgo combines the seemingly disparate fields of economic development and physics to present this new rubric for economic growth….

and decided not to