cameron sinclair

cameron sinclair

hopefully intro to Sinclair is/will be added below.

fell in love with his work. (a dialogue he had about uni, and why would you study architecture in a book rather than do it. so he had people building dr huts out of grasses, then when done, eating it, et al)

founder of:

architecture for humanity

then saw his offer for youth to build some sports site in community.

so this came about.. tunnel jam.

which ended up being more about the unwanted stress than the building the tunnel. maybe.

and now.. looking into working with harvest farm to make it happen via Bret.. et al. and Denver site.


thursday, december 30, 2010

cameron sinclair

speaking in seatle  oct 21 2010
12 uni’s global working with tribal groups
focus – talk to people, integrate renewable systems,
generational sustainability and storytelling
i don’t work with foundations i work with dot.coms
how to incorporate silly marketing dollars to do something that helps the worldlet’s not just keep talking/writing about things.. let’s do them.
more on involving kids.. afghani and skateboarding
mostly there – fighting sports and male dominated
skateboarding is unique – if you skateboard down a street – you own a street – as in you are safe
let’s start owning streets bit by bit..
give me a skateboard and i’ll show you what to away half a mill dollars in sports of social change
39:41 – homeless worldcupa great idea doesn’t have to wait a generation to get things done
design is the ultimate sustainable resource into agriculture for humanity – i guess denver has a branch.

his 2006 ted
interview on the story

find him at @casinclair


carol coletta and cameron sinclair

your school design it (a student driven model) for higher edDGREE – Carol Coletta and Cameron Sinclair from DGREE on Vimeo.

how do you handle abundance with organization that are organized around scarcity

how does the world value something that is not a traditional degree
it’s not that people with degrees learned more (although they could have) it’s just how that’s valued

other businesses has unbundled this.. higher ed hasn’t

why don’t we outsource students to specified places – rather than have a whole departments for it.. ie: architecture philosophy outsourced.. the critical part – building buildings that don’t fall – leave with experts at uni

yes – put hs students into office buildings..
professional teaching math to those coming out of juvenile halls
how can we work on these hybrid places

underutilized spaces in cities…

anya’s question about credited ed relating to success – was it addressed?

the ability for mass specialization

for innovation to occur – colleges need a big push
anya at wec10

Cameron in 2006 on Ted


tuesday, march 15, 2011

cameron sinclair



sept 2015 – tweet from Cameron:

How 5 min. transformed 2 schools for Syrian refugees into 30. Tks Joe + @sharonstone.…

so contradictory (in my mind) to thinking of Cameron’s when i first fell in love with his work.. ie: (for architecture) not reading in a book.. but the people/culture living it doing it..

we need this thinking about Ed. instead of what we keep perpetuating as Ed. ie: how is more schools been working for us..? what if it’s not about more schools.. but rather… a nother way. rev of everyday life. vision versions.

needing you C.


nov 2015 – refugee camps

intro’d to Alejandro here – tweet from Cameron:

He’s right but policy dictates. We don’t have time for all talk + no trousers, approve the stateless pavilion. #d60
Original Tweet:


Refugee tents are a waste of money, says Alejandro Aravena:…

so … needing to call policy irrelevant – a distraction..

irrelvant quote vinay

maybe the world’s bigger than this legal system – bunnie

deep/simple/open enough

huang job security law

perpetuate ness – perhaps why we have not yet.. no one wants to let go.. of their mission..

systemic ness

perhaps radical econ.. transition into leapfrog to a nother way..

ship ables

for (blank)’s sake



tackling displaced persons during virus crisis.. including drs/nurses who are sleeping in cars so as not to go home and infect families (convo on fb post on this was intro to jupe)

cameron sinclair as humanitarian advisor