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Not even sure when/how we first met up. Twitter.

Amanda – is the Amanda we talk about – that helped with the story part of a be you book.

Which eventually spurred the story of the curious boy. [the cover is graced by her artwork]

Some other artwork we have used thanks to her kind heart:

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[art courtesy of venuex  at]


special note on this one:

random at play

as it appears on the inside cover page (disclaimer) of ibp.

the second part of the disclaimer originally used the wording – that something in perpetual beta was

never quite articulate-able.

after a short exchange, we agree to the wording – that it

challenged articulation.

very cool that Amanda’s art fit so well, but the process we went through trying to articulate the whole idea of articulation was very fitting.

much love.


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sept 2015:

The arrival of proof! #artcollabrocks @VettingWolf

Original Tweet: