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first intro’d to Alexander here (much thanks to Jeff Lebow):

notes & links from talk hangout here.

1:11 – Steve – glasses – like shop glasses – to see better..veillance to see… surveillance to see from above… suveillance: capture/sensing/recording by a participant in the activity

1:16 – camera at eye – but had to rotate – so it wasn’t so close to reality

1:2 – augmediated (rather than augmented)… the ability to see through and interact with

1:27 – honesty pendant.. for your own purpose.. not govt

1:28 – Dave – how to curate…?

1:29 – scale – sensecam…

1:30 – ie from Alex – boston bombing.. imagine if they were able to tap into 300 perspectives…. (Alex been involved since 2003-4)

also in hangout – Steve Mann, and Dave Cormier.

cyborg ness


Alexander’s site:

alexander hayes site 2

Alexander Hayes is an acknowledged expert on emerging technology and its impacts on society in an educational context.


and via

Alexander’s research focuses on the impacts of wearable technologies on education, training and occupations.

He says that while these devices have many educational benefits, like enhancing mobile and distance education and enabling instruction for dangerous tasks in the workplace, he is worried that lawmakers are failing to keep up with the rapid uptake of these devices, which is already exploding in the extreme sports, military and medical sectors.


[gosh – i hope this is a missing link to hasten the game]

talk w/Alexander on app chip ness being non-functional.. (necklace – for over a year – i decided what i wanted/needed.. as the day.) so that there’s no agenda.. so that there’s sustainability… authenticity.. alive ness.. for (blank)’s sake..



Alex has been talking about going to

where Steve Mann and Marvin Minsky and Ray Kurzweil are speaking together.


jan 2014 – latest for Alex..

alex position

fit with declara?


june 2013 or feb 2014?  – interviewed by Nikola (singularity u):

on Singularity 1 on 1: It’s a shift in humanity, not in technology!

from Alex: For context…I was running this at the time –

14 min – on public and private space

16 min – on hands free ness

31 min – on augmediated (Mann) – ar a step back from that

33 min – we as humans have the capacity for this to be profoundly good

38 min – on drm (digital rights management)

40 min – shift in humanity

45 min – many of the privacy et al aspects – put by the wayside to get things done (on science fiction writers and engineers – rainbows)

48 mi – interplay between glass and drones – start with a hobbyist/domestic environment

51 min – on drones in schools

52 min – drones as decentralized works for good

53 min – augmented humanity – transhumanism

55 min – on chipification


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one of Alex’s realstories – about his father-in-law – David Gregson:


pdf real story:

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video share of real story:

stillness to mindfulness

just read instrumental Alex..



Alexander Hayes (@alexanderhayes) tweeted at 3:58 AM on Fri, Mar 31, 2017:
Precisely @katinamichael – this is where it is at #existentialism – here now, now.

What would it mean to design against despair or isolation or loneliness?

deep/simple/open enough for 7bn today ie: maté basic needs law as center of 2 convosas the day.. [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]

*no longer (at least that name) on twitter