why children work – mcclure

Nikhil posts this on fb:

In 1909, Chicago factory inspector Helen Todd asked 500 working children in 20 factories aged fourteen to sixteen the question: “If your father had a good job and you didn’t have to work, which would you rather do — go to school or work in a factory?” 

A staggering 412 out of 500 said the latter, because factory work was more satisfying than the “monotony, humiliation, and even sheer cruelty” they experienced in school.

he found it via Alfie, via http://books.google.com/books/about/McClure_s_Magazine.html?id=65NEAQAAIAAJ

pp. 740-751

why children work, todd

why work p. 740

why work p. 743 nikhils quote

why work p. 745 quote 1

why work p. 746 quote 2

why work image p. 746

why work p. 748


these are just bits and pieces – take a read for yourself….


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