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sofia campos bw

board chair of …

united we dream

intro’d to Sofia when we first saw this video/documentary…

the dream is now

then again at the presencing institute global forum 2014 where she shared this video:

..and simply said..

i need you to wake up

these are man made constructs we have boxed ourselves into – Sofia Campos

think about the undocumented parts of your life – Sofia Campos -


Voices You Should Have Heard

Published on Aug 29, 2013

Sofia Campos flew to Washington to address the nation on behalf of the undocumented and unafraid DREAMers at the “Let Freedom Ring” commemoration. Sofia was cut from the program at the March on Washington 2013 right before she was scheduled to speak. Listen to Sofia’s speech here and please share. Let’s make sure Sofia Campos is heard.


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