How to get better at being you, at being us?

Perhaps it has to do with getting better at daily iterations of interconnectedness. Having internal connections between the parts. Knowing, or seeking to always be knowing, the why of the gathering. What’s the purpose of being together in a room/space?

dailiy iterations app

a great example of how to encourage interconnectedness… merriam-webster’s page defining interconnectedness [given and linked in graphic above] gives the definition, but then asks..

What made you want to look up interconnected? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).

at first – i was thinking this was lame, because i’ve been thinking so much about distractions, that get us to spinning our wheels, ie: people going off on comment sections – mostly fighting/defending et al., and because it followed a section that read:

inner-directed, other-directed

but the comments were very intriguing. not only because they were intriguing, but because they were about something i was interested enough in to look up.
note a comment via Max –

Really good use of social media on that merriam-webster site by asking me why I looked that up.


so yes Hannah, i love the word. it’s at the essence, because, it’s at the essence.

having internal connections between the parts

the nodes aren’t as key as the links between them. the labels/products/definitions aren’t it. you have to zoom out and see the interconnectedness of all the little it’s (we often declare as most worthy of our time and stick-to-it-ive-ness) in order to see the natural/original/breathtaking beauty of the whole.

or perhaps, the nodes aren’t the best nodes they can be, without great intentionality and attention paid, to why they are interconnected.


why are we connecting.

oh. cool. let’s do it more.


none of us are free


High recommends:


networked individuaism graphic



remind me to make a little video of the images for video ppt. Keri Smith‘s fonts dancing around the pages. watching the interconnectedness of words.. meshing, blurring, into words.




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