short for…

improvise defn

spontaneity 2

no prep


perhaps Mary Catherine Bateson learned this wasn’t only a good way to dance.. but the best way to live. in peripheral visions, she writes of giving up all the prep she had been used to doing, especially in regard to her speaking engagements. she said she found that swimming in the vulnerability of the moment, kept her thinking alive, kept her awake.

what if we’re missing it/life/us, because we’re spending too much time prepping.

we prep to ease the stress of a shipment/perfection/validation/slipping out of the normal/familiar.

and how often is the shipment not what people need, because it wasn’t improv.

it wasn’t you alive in the now, being vulnerable/raw/real.


imagine.. 7 billion people.. free enough to – improv.

perhaps that’s how we move.. how we ..





Zac on improv:

Bobby McFerrin on the pentatonic scale.


jazz and surgeons



“Improvisation Is …” – Stephen Nachmanovitch

a space to realize the ability you already have

improve doesn’t mean just anything.. it’s intensely/imensely structured, presence.. response to what is right there..

improv is experimental science – keep correcting and changing till you get something you like.. micro second by micro second…

fitting with improv\e ness


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