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latest focus/pages..

in regard to a people experiment – rewire: ds\ni – ic:

short/short\ermodel another way

too much – what i’ve seen – document everything

cure ios city –  app/chip update ideas

a qr film – here’s the deal – what – (collection of intros)

naked streets

no prep


recent stream of consciousness –  [good-bye/hello/vulnerable/iterating]

what’s the deal ?

why not yet

city sketchup

iterations on the app

partial reading list – chronological order

storyboard – 2008 to present


about site updates: we are adding maybe 0-10 pages daily.. and editing/remixing many. they are pages, not posts.. so not sure of a way for a person to see daily updates. which is kind of fitting. again like wikipedia. the site is not intended to lead you somewhere.. but more as a resource for people who have an interest in grokking what matters most. it’s intended more as a virtual model of noticing/dreaming/connecting/doing/being..




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