a quiet revolution

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rewire: democratic surround meets networked individualism, it’s complicated

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situation, stresscredentials, have/have not

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hp alliance, hunger games, divergentfan\dom, occupy, the square

a people experiment, city\ness

2 conversations, c dot app

100% of humanity, eu\daimon\ia, one


a quiet revolution.. via you\th.. luis von ahn on steroids via networked individualism.. to hasten global equity/freedom.

revolution instigating utopia

[bunker roy style – community, deb roy style – tech/web, ..]

howard thurman quote come alive



nov 2014:

mockingjay p 1



The #MyHungerGames hashtag is inspired in part by Donald Sutherland, the actor who plays President Snow in the Hunger Games series. Sutherland, who is 79, toldGood Morning America that he chose to be a part of the series because he wanted to end his life being “part of something that I thought would maybe catalyze and revolutionize young people.”

Sutherland said he hopes that young people will answer the call like the character Katniss Everdeen does in the films. “We’ve wrecked this world and, if you’re gonna fix it, you’ve got to do it now,” he said.


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